Licensed Timber Operators or "LTOs" are persons who have been licensed under the Forest Practice Act law and are authorized to conduct forest tree cutting and removal operations. LTOs must understand and comply with all laws relating to such tree cutting or removal.

Licensed Timber Operators have three different types of licenses depending on the kind of timber operations they are authorized to conduct. Licenses which begin with the letter "A" authorize the licensee to conduct any type of operations. Those licenses which begin with the letter "B" restrict the licensee to only the removal of minor forest products such as firewood and Christmas trees. And, licenses which begin with the letter "C" restrict the licensee to only conduct timber operations on their own property only.

Commercial License (type “A”): requires completion of a 2-day LTO Training Class, verification of at least 3,000 hours of work experience in at least two different areas of timber operations, valid proof of insurance, a completed application, and a fee payment of $125.00.

Limited License (type “B”): requires a passing score on the Limited Timber Operator License Questionnaire, a completed application, and a fee payment of $60.00.

Restricted License (type “C”): requires completion of a 2-day LTO Training Class, a completed application with the “Landowner Exemption” section signed and dated, and a fee payment of $125.00

California State Law requires that any person who cuts and removes forest trees in order to sell the logs, or to develop a building site on forest covered lands, must be a Licensed Timber Operator. Landowners must obtain a permit from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection prior to allowing any cutting or removal to occur. (See Forest Practice for more information). In some cases, a Registered Professional Forester will be needed to complete the permit application. (See: RPF/CRM Rosters).


Class Location

Class Dates

Register with:

Contact Info:


Sierra Cascade Logging Conference
Shasta District Fairgrounds
Fusaro Hall
1890 Briggs St
Anderson, CA 96007

February 5-6

Monte Adams, Executive Director, SCLC

(530) 222-1290
(530) 949-7176


Mendocino Unit
17501 North Highway 101
Willits, CA 95490

January 10-11

October 24-25

Mendocino Community College
Community Extension
1000 Hensley Creek Rd
Ukiah, CA 95482

(707) 468-3236


Sierra College - Roseville Center
316 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

May 2-3

December 5-6

Sierra College Community Education
316 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

(916) 781-6280


Siskiyou Unit
1809 Fairlane Rd
Yreka, CA 96097

November 7-8

College of the Siskiyous
Adjunct Instruction
800 College Ave
Weed, CA 95094

(530) 938-5512
(530) 938-5555


All new applicants for a type A and C Timber Operator License must register for one of the classes through the above listed community colleges. Class size is limited to 40 students, so register as soon as possible. The college will send you a receipt, a copy of their refund policy in the event that you need to cancel, a map, and a list of local accommodations.

Most classes are held on a Thursday and Friday and lasts for two (2) eight-hour days (8:00am – 5:00pm). In order to receive a certificate of completion, attendance at BOTH class sessions for the ENTIRE eight-hour duration is MANDATORY. Refreshments will not be provided. Class materials will be distributed in class; please bring a 3-ring binder, a pen/pencil, a highlighter, and note paper.

Scheduled dates are subject to change. In the event of a schedule change, students will be notified and will remain registered unless a cancellation is requested (this must be done by contacting the college).

PLEASE NOTE: Completion of the training class DOES NOT mean you have a valid Timber Operator License. In order to complete the application process, you must submit a completed application (original, signed in ink) within one year (12 months) of taking the class. A license will only be issued once ALL requirements are met.

Mail completed applications to:

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Timber Operator Licensing
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460

For additional information, contact our program office at:

Office: (916) 653-7211
Fax: (916) 651-1435

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PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to visit our office, please contact us at (916) 653-7211 or at CALFIRE.LTOPROGRAM@FIRE.CA.GOV to schedule an appointment.

LTO Program Contact Information

CAL FIRE Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) Program:
P.O. Box 944246, Room 1516-3
Sacramento, CA  94244-2460

Phone: (916) 653-7211 / (916) 651-6025
Fax: (916) 651-1435
LTO Insurance Certs - Email to or Fax (916) 651-1435